Despite the downturn in piracy in certain regions, our maritime domain continues to attract criminal activities from illegal fishing to hijacking, piracy, terrorism and oil theft. Only the coordinated collaboration between coalition navies. private security companies, the maritme industry and government can maintain good order at sea.
















ACCESSING AFRICA'S STRANDED RESOURCE:  Infrastructure and energy projects will continue to drive Africa's breakbulk shipping sector, but the oil price will have an impact in the short term.  Colleen Jacka reports back from the Breakbulk Africa conference held earlier this year in Johannesburg.


THROUGH THE LENS:  The Department of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries has its best chance yet to establish a fair and practical system for the developing and managing small-scale fisheries, but it has a number of formidable obstacles to oversome in the process.  Claire Attwood provides a wide angle perspective.

FISHY BUSINESS: Shaheen Moolla discusses the proposed timetable for the allocation of nine fishing sectors by the 29 February next year and concludes that the process is already flawed.  

CASTING THE NET BACK:  Dave Japp and Claire Attwood look at fisheries nomenclature and specifically the origin of the names of some South African species as they delve into excerpts from an article by Romer Robinson published in 1916.

MARITIME MEMORIES:  Brian Ingpen recalls the stellar career of Captain Ian Harvey that started amid the post war shipping boom when the British merchant fleet was regrouping expanding after its losses during World War II. 



  • Security perspectives on a blue BRICS
  • Opportunities for private maritime security in Africa
  • Security experts warn against dropping defences at sea
  • 2014 Piracy and hijacking statistics
  • Naval exercises remain key to maintain force preparedness
  • SAMI aims to make sense of maritime threats in West Africa
  • Boosting regional maritime security coordination in west and central Africa
  • Capacity building remains a focus for SA Navy


  • Cabinet continues to consider South African maritime policy
  • Statistics report a continued reduction in total losses
  • Ranking the claims in Admiralty law
  • No new drilling for Ghana in disputed area
  • Resolving a contamination claim in West Africa
  • Port Authority liable for delays and damage in Maputo grounding case
  • Marine insurance and risk management
  • Stowaways cause risk



  • Full steam ahead for tug build
  • Rebuilding Somalia's maritime sector
  • A Richard's Bay first
  • Cape Town shipbuilder expands portfolio
  • Name change for East African ship supplier
  • Congo and Angola included in trade route
  • Grindrod results
  • Port creates more than 800 jobs in five years
  • Facilitating service via an app
  • Algerian dredger revitalised
  • Massive investment in container depot at Coega
  • Nigerian ports post record cargo throughput
  • World vies to operate Kenya's new container terminal
  • Upgraded South Africa to West Africa route
  • International company snaps up South African marine service group


  • Credt facility to fund capex offshore Ghana
  • Technology partnership
  • High-spec vessel destined for West African oil fields
  • New Generation of vessels for African offshore sector
  • Adapting to the fragility of the oil and gas sectors
  • Exploration and production updates
  • Capex in place for deepwater West Africa
  • Cape Town shipyard shifts focus to pursue offshore markets


  • Nine countries collaborate to develop mining tool
  • Industry input sought on deep-sea investment
  • Port of London to unveil latest  vessel
  • International briefs



  • SAMSA paddlers gear up for 2017
  • African hopeful for top IMO position
  • Supporting local artists
  • Dutch cadet visits Woltemade
  • SS Mendi Memorial
  • TNPA head
  • Saldanha Terminals management changes
  • IBIA Southern Africa AGM confirms commitment
  • South African Navy festival as popular as ever



  • Coastal management conference
  • Is South Africa's Coastal Management act doing its job?
  • Addressing green challenges at smaller ports
  • Blue flag beaches are big business
  • A process approach to developing coastal management programmes
  • Eastern Cape IDZ aims to improve air quality
  • A pollution prevention player





EDITOR: Colleen Jacka

Read Colleen's maritime blog at www.maritimematters.net

   When news surfaced that the South African Navy had accidently fired on unsuspecting fishermen during a naval excerise, the maritime community should rightly have been angered. For this reason we choose to keelhaul the SA
 Navy in this issue.

The Lawhill Maritime Centre celebrates their 20th anniversary this year and should be applauded for their huge contributions, under Brian Ingpen, to the development of new talent for the maritime industry.